This Computer-Generated Image Shows How Michael Jackson Would Have Looked Without All Those Surgeries

If you’re a child from the 60’s or grew up listening to golden oldies, you probably knew and loved Michael Jackson when he was singing, ‘ABC…it’s easy as 123!’ He voice was angelic, as was his cherub face and funky dance moves. The world saw him grow up and as he did, his appearance began to change drastically.

It was obvious that he was dissatisfied with his appearance and although people speculated that he was obsessed with plastic surgery, Michael Jackson only admitted to having two nose jobs. As for his progressively lightening skin, he claimed to suffer from the skin disease, vitiligo, which causes the skin’s pigmentation to be gradually removed. Usually, the effect is blotchy skin. Your skin, hair, and even retina can lose its pigmentation with this disease.

As Michael Jackson’s adorable appearance began to become heavily transformed, some people cruelly began to call him, ‘monster.’ This affected Michael Jackson as he once said about himself, ‘I don’t think I’ll be judged solely on my music cuz the press has made me out to be this monster who’s bizarre and weird.’

We’re wondering if his appearance had been left natural, if people would not have said such cruel things about him. We’re also wondering what Michael Jackson would have looked like as a grown man had he trusted in mother nature and left his appearance completely natural….

We think Michael Jackson would have turned into an extremely handsome man with large wide-set eyes and a kind expression. We think he would have retained the cherub-like facial features and cheeky smile.

The world is still mourning the death of Michael Jackson, one of the most talented artists in the history of the world. Unfortunately, he died at the young age of 50 from cardiac arrest.

Check out his computer-generated image. Do you think he would have looked like this today without all the alterations?

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