Bella Hadid is “Focusing” on Herself After Split From The Weeknd

“I’m just really focusing on myself, and my work, and just being the best that I can be,” 20 year old Bella Hadid told Porter magazine. “I’m not really worried about what guys think about me, I’m just trying to be a woman!”

Back in November 2016, Bella and 27 year old The Weeknd broke up after dating for 1 year and a half.

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While the ‘Starboy’ hit maker has been going strong with 24 year old Selena Gomez, Bella has not dated anyone since then, but she’s been busy traveling the world modeling.

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The model is “just not ready” to date yet. She been turning down guys left and right according to a source to


Since the split, Bella has been devoting herself to modeling. Like her older sister, 21 year old Gigi Hadid, she has become such a big name in the modeling field.

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She admitted in the Porter interview that all fame and attention can be really overwhelming sometimes.

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“You feel really overexposed and you don’t want to see anybody…” she said. “I just want to be in my apartment alone and kind of retreat and be centered again,” she said, adding that she has gotten accustomed to giving interviews. “I think I’ve gotten more used to being around people. I used to get so nervous doing interviews. I’m a very sensitive person.”

What do you guys think?

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