[PICS] Kylie Jenner Put On a Wet T-Shirt & Tyga Grips Her Breasts

Remember when Kylie Jenner released her steamy short movie back in December 2016, well Kylie is sharing some behind the scenes pictures now! We could go on and on about how the video took our breath away and how amazing it was, however, these behind the scenes pictures just got us speechless! Kylie, Tyga, you slaughtered these pictures! Check out hot behind the scenes pictures and Kylie’s video if you haven’t seen it yet:

Tyga Kylie Jenner/ Credit:love.kyga
Tyga Kylie Jenner/ Credit: love.kyga


Kylie Jenner has never failed to present us shocking surprises. Behind the scenes photos has been posted by Kylie from her previous December short film. If you think the movie was something, photos were completely something else!

Kylie Jenner/Credit: by bangshowbiz.com
Kylie Jenner/Credit: by bangshowbiz.com

Photos were dropped by the lip kit connoisseur dropped on her Kylie Shop Instagram account on January 6th. One of the photographs revealed the 19 years old reality tv star from her neck down, dressed in a white T-shirt completely soaked with water. It doesn’t finish with the hot star being all wet, in the picture, Kylie appears to have her hands on her breasts. Above her hands, however, are TYGA’s HANDS! Tyga grabbing her breasts…

“A little surprise gift for the world,” was Kylie’s video that premiered on W’s magazine’s website. Tyga had his own special part in the movie as well, in the short film, Tyga join in the steamy hot shower or bath with Kylie. What could the reason be other than a quick make out session?

Before the premiere of the film, Kylie shared few behind the scenes flicks, one of them included her when she straddled her boyfriend on the ground topless. I’m pretty sure all of us thought while watching the video that they had a pretty genius choreographer. Think again!

Tyga & Kylie Jenner
Tyga & Kylie Jenner


Director Sasha Samsonova admits everything was “super raw footage,” she also avows that the video and pics were not photoshopped nor retouched. Trust us, after checking out the pics especially, we are convinced that the project went pretty natural.





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