Breaking Some Myths About “Healthy” Habits

Some habits are just transmitted to us from our society and our environment. Thinking they are healthy, we start practicing them. When/if we do find out about their negative effects that no one knew about, it’s pretty hard to stop. For example, many people know what smoking can do to them but still smoke. Just like cigarettes, here are 6 habits that were deemed “healthy” but are most definitely not!

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Some habits are just transmitted to us from our society and our environment.
Get more healthy by getting rid of these bad habits!


We totally understand your love towards gymming but don’t get too excited kiddo. While exercising, your muscles are constantly doing an effort to follow your daily routine. Therefore, if you exercise for too long, they won’t have time to recover from any damage that might have occurred to them. It has been linked to knee problems, osteoporosis, arthritis and more problems.



Breakfast is crucial for your everyday life and skipping it is absolutely not a good habit. Some people think that skipping that meal will make them concentrate more and avoid eating unhealthy foods and have a richer lunch. However, in 2013, a study led by Harvard scientists on 27.000 men showed that those who skipped breakfast are 27% more likely to have a heart disease or a heart attack. Also, it has been associated with having higher cholesterol levels and an increase in the probability of having diabetes. Maybe breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all.

 Try finding a carb-loaded breakfast


You should probably know that tanning isn’t good for you. While you might be searching the “healthy glow,” you may develop skin cancer. Any act of exposing your skin to the sun may put you in grave danger of getting skin cancer. Even though your risk of developing such an illness depends on your history of sunburns, your geographical location (if it’s too sunny), or have a Celtic ancestry, it can touch anyone. Even tanning beds! They have the highest risk of cancer to humans.



Every time you feel a minor pain, people advise you to take painkillers. However, taking a pill every time you feel a tiny sting, that’s a problem. It might even be the reason behind your pain. A neurologist in the UK reports that 5 to 10% of consistent headaches are caused by the overuse painkillers. So, if you find yourself stuck in this cycle: headache -> medication -> headache -> medication, it’s a good idea to go check it out at the doctor’s.


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5.Too much water

Water is something I personally obsess about. I’m always worried I’m not drinking enough water. That’s not really a bad thing unless I start drinking waaay too much water. When you drink too much water, your blood’s sodium level decreases. On the other hand, if you feel like you’re drinking too much water, you should get checked out as you might have a congenital heart condition or diabetes.

Woman Drinking Water
Too much water

6.Brushing your teeth

Let’s face it, we all want our smiles to be perfect. But, just like drinking water, we shouldn’t overdo it. Over-brushing may lead to toothbrush abrasion or the decrease of the surface of teeth and gums. You are also at risk of eliminating your gum and exposing the root of your tooth. To make sure this doesn’t occur, use a soft toothbrush and brush twice a day… And that’s it!

teeth brush shutterstock_521368306
Brushing your teeth


Written By: Cedric Tannous

Source: Bustle

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